An exciting opportunity for all abilities, to experience the thrill of driving a race car

What we do

Disability Motorsport Scotland is a registered charity and was established with three key purposes in mind.

Improving health and wellbeing:

  • Motorsport is fun and very exciting! We organise recreational motorsport activities and we’re fairly sure that you’ll get out of the car with a big smile on your face and be raring to go all over again!
  • Motorsport is also a great way to socialise. Our guests and volunteers are from every walk of life and of all abilities.
  • Motorsport can also be a great way to improve your mental health.


Health and wellbeing

Advancement of public participation in motorsport:

  • We encourage people with a disability to participate in motorsport and associated activities.
  • We provide free taster events for drivers/ passengers with a disability.
  • We have developed strong relationships across the private, public and voluntary sector and we take every opportunity to promote motorsport for all abilities.
  • Oh, and we’re also developing Scotland’s first All Ability Race Team, competing at amateur and professional levels.

Free taster events

Promotion of equality and diversity:

  • Motorsport offers equal opportunities at all levels and having a disability doesn’t mean that you can’t be involved. Disability Motorsport Scotland aims to make motorsport broadly accessible and as long as you can show you are competent, safe and medically fit behind the wheel, there is no reason why you can’t compete. If you’d rather be helping and watching, volunteer marshals and officials get the best seat in the house (apart from the drivers obviously) and there are duties to suit everyone, almost irrespective of age, gender or disability.
  • We want to increase understanding of disability as well as challenge attitudes towards disability. We want to remove barriers for people with a disability and those with long-term health conditions, and ensure that they have the opportunities to fulfil their potential and realise their aspirations.
  • We liaise with the government about inclusiveness and motorsport.
  • We are developing and facilitating a range of training opportunities to support and educate volunteers and officials.

Motorsport Opportunities


Follow our latest news and developments to find out more about upcoming events and how our volunteers are helping to deliver motorsport to people living with a disability.

We always welcome comments and feedback on what we are trying to achieve so if you would like to share your views, please get in touch.

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