One of our key purposes is the “Promotion of equality and diversity”. As part of that, we are currently developing a range of training opportunities to support and educate volunteers and officials. These will be available to be delivered face to face, or online at your own pace.

We are also in the process of developing a voluntary Code of Practice for Inclusion in Motorsport. Signing up to the Code will reassure competitors, volunteers, spectators and carers that you are committed to increasing your understanding of disability as well as challenging attitudes towards disability – and for clubs and venues, that you have quality accessibility and inclusion processes and practices in place.

Level 1

Provides an awareness of inclusion in motorsport

It is made up of two online training modules. After successfully completing the assessments in both modules, participants will be issued with a certificate to recognise their commitment to increasing understanding of disability as well as challenging attitudes towards disability.

This level is aimed at anyone involved at any level in motorsport.

Level 2

Showing a deeper commitment to inclusion in motorsport. 

This level is aimed at anyone involved at any level in motorsport, but will hopefully be of particular interest to:

  • Officials with a responsibility (eg. event organisers, Stewards, Clerks of the Course, etc)
  • Those that might be working directly with someone with a disability (eg. rescue, medics, etc)
  • Teams, clubs and venues who want to demonstrate a commitment to inclusion in all aspects of their operations

A commitment to inclusion is an ongoing journey aimed at improving processes, products and services.

This might include requiring all volunteers or staff to do the Level 1 Awareness Modules, or a commitment to improving accessibility where possible (eg. making documents more accessible, ensuring that your website is accessible, etc). For rescue and medical teams, it might include specific training for people involved in responding to incidents. Building on the Level 1 Awareness Modules, this level is made up of a further two training modules, plus one optional module, and a short assessment. After successfully completing the assessment, participants will be issued with a certificate to recognise their ongoing commitment.

Level 3

A commitment to excellence regarding inclusion and accessibility in all aspects of your operations.

This level is particularly aimed at clubs and venues. 

It involves completing Levels 1 and 2 as well as providing evidence of specific plans to improve accessibility, or the provision of specific facilities, eg. covered spectator areas for wheelchairs, charging points for electric wheelchairs, Changing Places toilets). These are examples, not a shopping list.

Remember inclusion and accessibility is not just about venues – it involves documents, websites, communication, employment and volunteering opportunities, and much more.

Level 3 is not about looking at a particular area, product or service, nor is about achieving perfection… because perfection is impossible. It’s about the overall positive impact of the organisation that stands behind the commitment. Excellence is very achievable, but it’s always evolving… what’s excellent today may not be excellent tomorrow. Excellence is not an act, it’s a habit. And you’ve got to maintain a culture of excellence so this is an ongoing commitment – it’s not a one-off exercise. To maintain Level 3, you will need to update your action plans every year with information about progress and any new developments.

If you’re interested in learning more about the voluntary Code of Practice for Inclusion in Motorsport, please email us. We are hoping to launch this in mid 2024.

Our online training modules will shortly be available at