Colin’s Big Truck Day Out

What started off as a day out for me to drive a truck after being run over by one 38 years ago, the day turned into a very important road safety opportunity. For those that don’t know I lost my leg and much more on the 4th October 1984, aged 20 when we got hit by a truck. For 38 years I’ve never understood the reasons why the truck driver never saw the motorbike, some of my questions were definitely answered the other day.
I cannot thank Ally Shaw Snr and James Gill from Five Star Vehicle Deliveries LTD for giving me the opportunity to drive their stunning Colin McRae Tribute Truck. I would also like to thank Stuart Gray and Knockhill for giving us the paddock and room for the day. I am forever indebted for all the support they have given to me and Disability Motorsport Scotland.
My final thought on the day “Blind Spots” on trucks, when the two cars pictured were parked in front and beside the truck, they were INVISIBLE to the truck driver. Please give space to these guys/gals driving trucks, their vigilance and spatial awareness can only go so far, we all “need space” from time to time. Let’s work together to make our roads safer for all road users. To all my family and friends thank you for being there for me that day and all the other days too.