Our Purposes

Disability Motorsport Scotland SCIO was established with three key purposes in mind.

1. Improving the conditions of life

  • The organisation of recreational activities, with the object of improving the conditions of life for the persons for who the activities are primarily intended through participation in motorsport and other associated activities.

2. The advancement of Public Participation in Sport by:

  • Providing free taster events for disabled drivers / passengers and developing the country’s first All Ability Race Team, competing at amateur and professional levels.
  • Developing strong relationships across the private, public and voluntary sector

3. The promotion of equality and diversity by:

  • Promoting motorsport primarily by encouraging disabled people to participate in motorsport and associated activities, thus encouraging inclusiveness within society.
  • Liaising with the government on agendas for disability, inclusiveness and sport to include social integration and to offer motorsport as a diversional activity for those who are hard to reach.

Working to Meet Our Purposes

If you would like to know how we are progressing toward meeting our purposes then you can follow our latest news and developments within our news section. We post news on the car (DMS1), upcoming events and how our volunteers are helping to deliver motorsport to people living with a disability.

We always welcome comments and feedback on what we are trying to achieve so if you would like to share your views please use the information on our contact page to get in touch.