Interested in Driving with us?

If you are interested in getting behind the wheel or as a passenger in our Disability Motorsport Scotland car (DMS1) or know someone who would be thrilled to take part then just get in touch with us to discuss your requirements.  We hold events across Scotland throughout the year and have a wide range of driving and safety experts on hand to ensure that participants will be both thrilled and safe.


What some of our participants have said…

Jack Sutherland

‘Disability Motorsport enabled me to get back into a competition car and gave me back the adrenaline rush that I have missed. It would be great to see us competing alongside able bodied competitors in an event. This would be a great achievement!’

Elizabeth Ferris

‘Disability Motorsport Scotland are an amazing organisation. This small group of dedicated individuals provide everything necessary for someone like me to enjoy the thrill of driving a race prepared car on the track. As a woman with a spinal cord injury, I’m probably way down the list when thinking of the stereotypical racing driver! However DMS didn’t mind that I was a girl, and the fact I can’t use my legs mattered even less. 
The car had been expertly set up, perfect for my needs as a paraplegic, and I had the most awesome time on the circuit, all the time under the skilful tuition. The afternoon I spent with the team was one of the best I’ve had in years, what a fabulous bunch they are!’

Want to know more?

You can send us any enquiries and one of our volunteers will get back to you as soon as possible. We do aim to respond within 24hrs.


Disability Motorsport Scotland… what can I say? Four great guys that have come together and made what may seem the impossible, possible for people with disabilities. We feel truly honoured to have built the first of many DMS cars. Just like to say a big thanks from all at R&J Motosports.

Robert Jobson, R&J Motorsport
There can be few bigger thrills than driving a car at its limit on a race track. It is great that Disability Motorsport Scotland is opening the door to those emotions for people who might not necessarily have done more than ever dream about it. The fact that DMS aims to provide those opportunities for free is even more exciting. The Scottish Sun has covered DMS events and seen first hand the effect that getting to drive has on all the disabled people who were there. The more people who get to experience motorsport the better.
Disability Motorsport Scotland is an excellent initiative that provides people, with a range of disabilities, the opportunity to sample the excitement of motorsport first hand. We are delighted to work with a project that utilises the inclusive nature of our sport and look forward to supporting its progress.
Knockhill are pleased to be supporting the efforts of Disability Motorsport Scotland as we believe the track should be for all drivers and admire the efforts thus far by DMS in achieving their goal.